fixed stuff regarding the tab title

+ now has the same filter routines and text as the <h1> element in the HTML :3
  (it now also says "Channel "${CHANNEL}", w/ the same filters to not say "Uploads from" or "- Videos" attached to the actual channel name)
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4 raccoons in a trenchcoat. / luna vivian 2023-04-23 22:53:00 +02:00 committed by Dominique Liberda
parent dc670adb45
commit 559e29421a

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@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ fi
title=$(jq -r '.title' <<< $data)
if [[ ${cfg[template]} != 'retro' ]]; then
meta[title]="Channel \"$(html_encode "$title" | sed -E "s/ - Videos//g" | sed -E "s/Uploads from //g")\""
#source templates/
source "${cfg[namespace]}/templates/header.shs"