CurseForge client doesn't run on Alpine and I wanted to play Create: Above and Beyond
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curse me

Takes curseforge minecraft modpacks and installs them without the closed-source, glibc-dependent curseforge client.


  • p7zip
  • jq
  • bash
  • curl
  • java (well, duh)
  • busybox OR gnu coreutils (tested on busybox ;3)


  1. Download a ZIP file from curseforge. This is hidden - curse really wants you to use their application. Go to Files -> Main File -> (click on the name) -> Download (NOT Install)
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Get an API key, and place it into the token file. You can do this legimately (I'll be here all day, we have time) or use ./ which extracts them from the CurseForge Client
  4. Launch; e.g. ./ "Above and". This will download all of the mods.
  5. If everything succeeds, a forge installer should pop up after a while. Fabric support is not available at this time.
  6. Backup your ~/.minecraft directory
  7. Launch ./
  8. Profit..?


  • Fabric support
  • GUI, if I have too much time
  • better urlencoding if the current bodge breaks

Contact the author (suggestions, DMCA, etc.)

I can be reached for any inquires via my e-mail: me (at) I also have a webpage -

gosh i love not agreeing to TOS