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# Pro Nouns Keygen
![screenshot of the app](https://donotsta.re/media/186d754e1fb5850d3113f9786ed94bd38eb4d3725a2af8ef8cd477ccf772e699.png)
## What? Why?
A remake of [this webpage](https://tiredand.gay/keygender/), in authentic
.EXE form. The code is kinda messy, I could have done a better job naming
the variables and stuff. Why? because I thought it would be fun! and it was!
## Building and packaging
The original idea was to package the whole thing as one EXE. Due to
compatibility reasons, this has proven... a bit troublesome, to say the
least. That's why I packaged the whole thing with SFX which auto-extracts
everything on startup.
1. [Obtain VB6](https://sdomi.pl/tmp/NanoVB6.rar) (the following link may,
or may not work; I haven't tested that repack in ages! I have it mirrored
for archival purposes. ~~also damn, I should make a proper abandonware
mirror site...~~)
2. Load the project, make changes, build.
3. Obtain the following files:
- bass.dll
- toilet5.xm (from mod archive or somewhere)
(you probably can fetch all of those from /tmp/ as well. oh well. i am
"not distributing" those)
4. Pack everything into a SFX archive; `7z SFX Builder` is nice for that,
but please note that it only works from Windows 2000 upwards. To ensure
compatibility with 9x, I had to use `SFX Maker`, which I have mirrored
[here](https://sdomi.pl/tmp/sfx254.exe). Remember to make it execute the
startup script after the unsfx.
## Contributing
Oh geez. Oh noes. Really? I mean, I'll be flattered and very happy, but
please think about spending your time another way first~
If you want to add new features / port this to another platform / wish me
a happy birthday, my e-mail address is me (at) sdomi.pl; I shall accept
patches in the `diff -u` format.