Commit 4b91b5e7 authored by Dominika Liberda's avatar Dominika Liberda 💽
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* fixes some bugs

parent 8c4e8187
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ mkdir -p revolut; cd revolut; rm -R base
[[ ! -f "signapk.jar" ]] && wget -O signapk.jar
java -jar apktool.jar d "$apk" -o base
strings_file=$(grep -Rl '<string name="passcode.welcome')
sed -E -i 's/passcode.welcome.*%(1|s)/&'"$2"'/g;s/%(1|s)'"$2"'(\$s|)/'"$2"'/g' "$i"
sed -E -i 's/passcode.welcome.*%(1|s)/&'"$2"'/g;s/%(1|s)'"$2"'(\$s|)/'"$2"'/g;s/\$\{senderName\}/'"$2"'/g' "$strings_file"
if [[ ! -f "crypto.crt" || ! -f "key.pk8" ]]; then
openssl genrsa -out crypto.key 1024
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