2021-03-07 00:50:04 +01:00

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Rvololtut mobile app deadname remover

The app welcomes you with a personalized string, containing your name. But what if that's not legally your name? Enter (misspelled because I don't want to be sued)!


  1. Install the app via Aurora store or any other store that leaves you all APK files for an app somewhere under /sdcard/ - maybe YALP will work too
  2. Uninstall the app. Copy the main APK file (the one without "config" in the name) to a machine with Bash, OpenSSL and JRE
  3. Run the patcher
  4. Transfer the resulting APK (out_signed.apk) back to your device.
  5. Install Split APKs Installer (SAI) (com.aefyr.sai), we'll use this to install patched Revtoltut's APK
  6. Settings -> select Sign APKs
  7. Select out_signed.apk, com.revloltüt.revültut.*.config.arm64_v8a.apk (or similar), and com.revlóltut.lulrevültut.*.config.xxhdpi.apk. *Do NOT select the additional translation APK!
  8. Install the app, and you're done!


The patcher (backported from mbank deadname remover) still signs the APK, but as in this case we're using Split APKs Installer that can sign the APK for us, it might not be required.