Commit 3cd3edc1 authored by Lauren N. Liberda's avatar Lauren N. Liberda Committed by Dominika Liberda
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[youtube] fix the fancy georestricted error

parent 09c16b97
......@@ -1814,8 +1814,7 @@ class YoutubeIE(YoutubeBaseInfoExtractor):
r'<meta itemprop="regionsAllowed" content="((?:(?:[A-Z]{2},)*[A-Z]{2})?)">',
video_webpage, 'allowed region list').split(','),
video_webpage, 'allowed region list').split(','))
if error_desc and 'Playback on other websites has been disabled' in error_desc:
raise ExtractorError(
'Embeds disabled for this video, account (with passed credit card or photo ID check, if in EU/EEA/CH/UK) is required',
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