Commit 923069eb authored by Lauren Liberda's avatar Lauren Liberda

[core] merge formats by codecs

parent a0986f87
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......@@ -1947,8 +1947,32 @@ class HaruhiDL(object):
def compatible_formats(formats):
video, audio = formats
# Check extension
# Check extensions and codecs
video_ext, audio_ext = video.get('ext'), audio.get('ext')
video_codec, audio_codec = video.get('vcodec'), audio.get('acodec')
if video_codec and audio_codec:
'mp4': (
# fourcc (m3u8, mpd)
'av01', 'hevc', 'avc1', 'mp4a',
# whatever the ism does
'h264', 'aacl',
'webm': (
'av01', 'vp9', 'vp8', 'opus', 'vrbs',
# these are in the webm spec, so putting it here to be sure
'vp9x', 'vp8x',
video_codec = video_codec[:4].lower()
audio_codec = audio_codec[:4].lower()
if all(codec in COMPATIBLE_CODECS[ext]
for codec in (video_codec, audio_codec)):
info_dict['ext'] = ext
return True
if video_ext and audio_ext:
('mp3', 'mp4', 'm4a', 'm4p', 'm4b', 'm4r', 'm4v', 'ismv', 'isma'),
......@@ -1957,7 +1981,6 @@ class HaruhiDL(object):
for exts in COMPATIBLE_EXTS:
if video_ext in exts and audio_ext in exts:
return True
# TODO: Check acodec/vcodec
return False
filename_real_ext = os.path.splitext(filename)[1][1:]
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