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build status PyPI Downloads License: LGPL 3.0 or later Sasin stole 70 million PLN Trans rights!

This is a fork of youtube-dl, focused on bringing a fast, steady stream of updates. We'll do our best to merge patches to any site, not only youtube.

Our main repository is on our GitLab: https://git.sakamoto.pl/laudompat/haruhi-dl

A Microsoft GitHub mirror exists as well: https://github.com/haruhi-dl/haruhi-dl


System-specific ways:

haruhi-dl is also available on PyPI: version on PyPI

Install release from PyPI on Python 3.x:

$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade haruhi-dl

Install from master (unstable) on Python 3.x:

$ python3 -m pip install --upgrade git+https://git.sakamoto.pl/laudompat/haruhi-dl.git

Python 2 support is dropped, use Python 3.


$ haruhi-dl "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ"

That's it! You just got rickrolled!

Full manual with all options:

$ haruhi-dl --help

Differences from youtube-dl

This is not a complete list.

  • Changed license from Unlicense to LGPL 3.0
  • Extracting and downloading video with subtitles from m3u8 (HLS) - this also includes subtitles from Twitter and some other services
  • Support for BitTorrent protocol (only used when explicitly enabled by user with --allow-p2p or --prefer-p2p; aria2c required)
  • Specific way to handle selfhosted services (untied to specific providers/domains, like PeerTube, Funkwhale, Mastodon)
  • Specific way to handle content proxy sites (like Nitter for Twitter)
  • Merging formats by codecs instead of file extensions, if possible (you'd rather like your AV1+opus downloads from YouTube to be .webm, than .mkv, don't you?)
  • New/improved/fixed extractors:
    • PeerTube (extracting playlists, channels and user accounts, optionally downloading with BitTorrent)
    • Funkwhale
    • TikTok (extractors for user profiles, hashtags and music - all except single video and music with --no-playlist require Playwright)
    • cda.pl
    • Ipla
    • Weibo (DASH formats)
    • LinkedIn (videos from user posts)
    • Acast
    • Mastodon (including Pleroma, Gab Social, Soapbox)
    • Ring Publishing (aka PulsEmbed, PulseVideo, OnetMVP; Ringier Axel Springer)
    • TVP (support for TVPlayer2, client-rendered sites and TVP ABC, refactored some extractors to use mobile JSON API)
    • TVN24 (support for main page, Fakty and magazine frontend)
    • PolskieRadio
    • Agora (wyborcza.pl video, wyborcza.pl/wysokieobcasy.pl/audycje.tokfm.pl podcasts, tuba.fm)
    • sejm.gov.pl/senat.gov.pl
  • Some improvements with handling JSON-LD

Bug reports

Please send the bug details to bug@haruhi.download or on Microsoft GitHub.


If you want to contribute, send us a diff to contribute@haruhi.download, or submit a Pull Request on our mirror at Microsoft GitHub.

Why contribute to this fork, and not youtube-dl?

  • You make sure your contributions will always be free - under Unlicense, anyone can take your code, modify it, and close the source. LGPL 3.0 makes it clear, that any contributions must be published.


If my contributions helped you, please consider sending me a small tip.

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